Baby Crib under 100

Baby Cribs under 100

Most people just think that cheap is expensive, which is at some pint true. But with us, that phrase seems not to work at all. Taking care of kids is hard task and we don’t want to add some more pain into that. That is why we have brought you the best Cheap Baby Cribs under 100. They have been carefully made and approved for use. That is why they have turned out to be loved by many out there. For a maximum of $100, you will get a crib bed that will take care of your needs and that of the baby in a good way.

1# Dream on Me Synergy 5-in-1 Convertible, Crib, Black

What you are seeing here is a great convertible bed that has been made to be able to follow your kid’s growth. It easily changes or coverts from a standard crib, to becoming a toddler bed, a day bed, and the finally as a full size bed. The furniture has been given a simple contemporary design that is able to fit any decor, right from your baby’s nursery to the bedroom of the growing young one.

It has been tested and has passed the lead and other substances that are toxic. This is because such kind of a bed should not be a cause to your baby’s ill health. We all know that babies are fragile and prone to infections. It has been tested against all this and then certified that it is good furniture to use for kids. It has been made with several other finishes but of the same look. You will find black, earthly and wholesome, and then the delicate shade of coral.


  • It has been made to transform from a crib, to a toddler bed, to a day bed and then some two options of having a full size bed. This will give you an opportunity to choose the right kind of work for you to choose from as the kid grows.
  • You can also use the 4-position mattress support can be changed to fit the required height that you need for the kid and your comfort. With the adjustable height, you are sure that your kid is not going to climb over and fall out. What you need to do is to adjust the height starting from the highest dropping and set it down to the lowest as you remove the mattresses.
  • The crib takes safety and quality into much consideration. This is what our developers and carpenters look at, safety of the kids. They are safe and don’t have any phthalates, lead, latex and any BPA products. It has a design that is ergonomic and a structure that is stable and sound.
  • It takes aesthetics in mind. It has been made to fit pretty well in any décor that your will be having in the nursery. It does not choose, if you need to have a richly decorated nursery, you can have it, for minimalist styling, you get it because the crib will just fit in pretty well.
  • It has a weight of 50lbs and constructed from the use of New Zealand pine wood. You will be sure that the product that you have bought is going to last a lifetime. It is a unique product that is available in 9 different finishes that are brilliant. That also gives you a wide selection of what you need.
  • Designed with smooth and flowing lines with gentle curves that all add a unique touch of sophistication.
  • When you buy the crib, you will be provided with manuals or guides that you will use in assembling the product.
  • You can use the crib as it is or convert it into 4 different setups. Choose one that will be the right one for your kid and let the child enjoy the sleeping time like never before.
  • You can re position the mattresses so as to increase the height to prevent the kid from falling out.
  • It is given to you with all the right kind of tools of assembly that you will need to put it together.
  •  It comes with a new lean modern design that will add a contemporary style your baby’s room.
  • The crib does not come a toddler safety rail. That means that you have to buy it to complete the safety features.

2# Union 2-in-1 Convertible Crib, Ebony Black

Get this convertible bed that has been found to be one that is stable for the modern kind of nursery. It has been designed with fixed side rails, lead that is non-toxic, and given a finish that is Phthalate. To make it able to serve its customers for a longer period of time, this product hails from New Zealand pine. Don’t just allow your kid to sleep or even rest anyhow, let the kid rest comfortable in this kind of crib bed. The crib is able to convert easily into a day bed. What you need to add to it is a standard kind of mattress.


  • Designed with 4 adjustable mattress levels so that you choose the right height for your kid in the crib. This is vital as it will prevent the child from falling out, especially when they have grown to start climbing.
  • The finish that it has been given is one that is unique. It is non-toxic, lead and also phthalate safe. This is vital in ensuring that kid is not affected at any one time as he/she grows, from chemicals.
  • The crib has the ability to be able to convert to a day bed so that it stretches out for the kid to sleep on.
  • We don’t just sell you product that are not standard, that is why the item was first tested vigorously to ensure that it has the right kind of standards for use. The results were good because it was rated as safe furniture to use.
  • The price that it has been given is one that is amazing and also affordable.
  • Assembling the product is one easy task to do. At a maximum of around 30 minutes, for a starter, you are sure of getting it put together.
  • It has been given a design that is simple but with clean lines that have fun colors.
  • It is also a sturdy item that will make sure that kids enjoy full night sleeps without being disturbed at all.
  • It is a quality kind of crib that has been designed to grow with the kid pretty well from one age to another. The painting that it has been given does not peel off, it will last longer than others.
  • The bed has the ability to take in twins. They will even use it for up to 4 months.
  • It does not come with a crib mattress; you have to buy it separately

3# Costzon Baby Convertible Crib Toddler Bed

This bed has been constructed of hardwood that is strong and will last longer than you even expect. That is why it is able to last through the early years of your toddler’s life. It allows 3 positions mattress support system to work on it. The bed is non-toxic lead free and also easy to clean. This is because it has been given a kind of finish that others don’t have. To make it easy to move around, it has been fitted with 4 casters with two of them fitted with a break system.

It is suitable to use with kids that are within the age range of between 0-3 years. But at all times, make sure that you are able to check the size of the bed before you make a purchase. This is important because it has been found that some babies tend to grow faster than their age expectations.


  • It has been constructed from solid hardwood. This kind of wood ensures that the bed is sturdy enough so that it is able to last through the early years of the kid. It will carry the kid with keenness and precision so that it does not fall over or out. That is why you will find it serving one kid to another with ease.
  • Fitted with 2 side rails so that there is added security/safety. Kids are always playful and when they realize that they are high above the ground, they might try to be cheeky and play around; not knowing it is a dangerous thing to do. The side rails will offer them some kind of protection so that they don’t get injured. You have to know that this bed is lead free, it is non-toxic, and also durable. At the same time, the kind of finish that it has been given ensures that you get an easy time in cleaning it.
  • It will be delivered with the necessary tools that you need for assembly. The tools are packed so that the buyer or customer will have an easy time assembling the crib bed. This will reduce the cost of buying new tools for usage. At the same time, you might not be able to know which tool to buy. But here, you get all that.
  • Suitable for usage with kids that are up to 3 years of age. The bed will handle these kids in the best possible way. This age has kids that are pretty and need total care. That is why the manufacturer want to help you out at this point. At whatever time you go paying for it, check the size before buying so that you don’t get to purchase what is not going to be of use for your kid.
  • Fitted with casters that are going to help you move the bed around in the room. You now don’t have to drag the bed and spoil the floor or call for help from another person. The casters have also been fitted with brakes that mean that when you have locked it at some place, it is not going to move around aimlessly.
  • The sturdiness of the bed is good, and that makes it able to last longer than many others. the materials that are also used to make it are good, starting off with the wood that has earned respect in this world, the New Zealand pine wood.
  • It has been given a good finish that will ensure that you have an easy time cleaning it. This finish also ensures the bed fits with the room décor that you have. In fact, it will not look out of place.
  •  The tools that you need for assembling are provided. Assembling it now is an easy task than ever before. This is because majority of other items come minus this kind of tools and that gives users a hard time to assemble.
  •  If you forget to put on the brakes, then a kid playing on it will be in danger of being swayed around.

4# Glenna Jean Remember My Love Convertible Crib Rail Protector, Long

At some point in life, you will find your beautiful princess wearing a dress that has been made of fine embroidery. When you look at her with keenness, you will even be able to notice the ruffles of organza and ivory taffeta. One this is for sure, you can not dispute the fine linens for your little girl because they make the best heirlooms for future generations. All this hails from exquisite embroidery that is rich and feature bouquets of wispy petals. They all culminate into a magnificent edge of the best embroidered artistry.

The base cloth that is rich with floral fabric and fine sheer netting is also found in this quilt, the bumpers and even the rail guards. Look keenly at the item and you will notice the ruffle that has been fitted at the top and at the bottom of the bumper. This is magnificent because it adds a unique type of design to the outer part of the crib when the ruffle is put between the mattress and the crib rail. With this kind of bed, you can be able to design a bedroom that is sweet and imaginative.


  • One side of the bed has been made with ivory taffeta. This is a side that has been sown in a pin tuck design that is classic. This gives the bed a look that is unique and original. When the kid sleeps in it, she will just notice the difference.
  • Another side also features a ruches silk-like duping fabric which has been made with a slight glimmer quality. All this is in pink color that will look enticing to the young princess. Girls like pink colors, and when you introduce such in the bed, she will always feel great and loved.
  • Made with wide satin ribbon ties in ivory which will create bows that are pretty when bumper or even rail guards have been put to place. This is a decorative way of enticing your young princess. You need to make the bed smart and one way of doing that is creating unique bows that are not found in any other kind of bed. When you put to place the bumper or the guard rails, when will not fell being out of place because they have been added with decorative smartness.
  • Fitted with a rail protector which gives it and added perfect solution in protecting the baby and the crib from damage. It also ensures that the nursery is fully kept clean and enticing as it coordinates it with other fabrics that are matching. The playful nature of kids is fun to them but at some point, night be dangerous to them. the bad this is that they are not aware of this. As a parent, the rail protector now comes in handy.
  • Made with light padding in the middle with a super soft backing, and then a waterproof lining fitted.
  • It has been sewn by skilled seamstresses for the best quality product that is rarely found in the market. It is not made by anyone out there, but by professionals that have baby’s in mind and at heart. That is why it will always be treasured by the kids for many years to come.
  • The rails that it has been fitted with will protect the kid from falling out of the crib as she stands.
  • It is beautifully made and will look enticing to any young princess that is out there.
  • It is study enough to take care of the kid for a longer time as it grows from early years.
  • The stability that it has is also well received by many. The low surface ratio means that it will not fall over in an easy manner like those that have a high height.
  • There is no disadvantage of the bed noticed so far.

5# Ameriwood Home Prism Metal Crib, Lime Green

With this children’s furniture in mind, I have to assure you that it is proof that functionality should not always be that boring as many people might be thinking. This is a crib that has been made with clean and vibrant colors. With us, you will get more than you expect, from cribs, to changing tables, storage chests and armored. When you have them all, you will be able to brighten your kid’s room and trigger his/her imagination the right way. It is a kind of set that will just ensure that you have more than just having good looks.

The cribs that you will find with are well and carefully designed. The makers have made sure that they are beautiful, safe, durable and have the best style to fit in any room that you will put them. What is marvelous is that they come in six different colors for you to choose from so that you add the best character of choice to your little one’s room.


  • It has been given a non-toxic finish. The bed has been tested for lead and also other toxic substances that might harm the kid. That is why it has passed the US Safety standards. A kid and the parent will always sleep soundly knowing that the parent had made the right choice.
  • For added safety, the edges have been given a rounded make. There are no sharp pints that will become a hazard to the young one. The rounded edges are smooth and will always make sure that the kid is safe from any harm.
  • You can adjust the mattress height to up to 3 height positions. This way, you can decrease the height of the crib from the inner part so that you are able to accommodate the needs of the growing baby. At the same time, it will ensure that the kid does not fall over.
  • It has been given a finish that is durable. The finish is powder coated and this will ensure that there is no scratch or rust that will affect this kind of bed. That is why it is a bed that is not only durable but also stable. This is a key ingredient towards finding the right kind of bed.
  • It can fit the standard size kind of mattresses. That means that you don’t need to get to worry of choosing a special kind of mattress. That is why it is not going to expense you at all in setting it up for use.
  • It does not contain any toxic element in it. That is why it is a safe product for use for the little kids.
  • It has been given a bright lime green light finish which gives it a look that is fun and enjoyable.
  •  It has an easy to adjust mattress positions for different height positions
  • The ends are rounded for added safety.
  •  The side rails are carefully fixed and sturdy to ensure there is stability.
  • It can only up to 30lbs of weight.


All the cribs that we have brought you here are worthy your use. Dream on Me Synergy 5-in-1 Convertible takes the best part because of its extra unique make. That is our choice but you can also make a choice from the other and make your kid enjoy having a sleep that is healthy. At the same time, they will help you to sleep without having to be stressed at all of the safety of your kid.

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