Best Crib Mattress Reviews

Best Crib Mattress Reviews 2020

When you are decided to shopping the best crib mattress for your newborn baby, you will realize that it is the most challenging job that you can ever undertake. This is because the child does not talk; it’s fragile but at the same time needs the best from you. One of the requirements that the baby will need is the best crib mattress. Which one do you think is going to be the best one for your use? That is a question that we are here to assist you to answer and gets information about the best Comfortable crib mattress

Things that you need to consider when you are choosing the best crib mattress

  • You have to ensure that the size of the best crib mattress is able to match the size of the crib. This will avoid frustrations when you have managed to buy such kind of mattress.
  • It is good to get a mattress that is firm and also flat. A cushiony mattress is not going to be safe because it is going to curve around the head of the baby and deprive his/her oxygen supply.
  • The Matt that you are buying should be very safe. That means that you have to get one that has passed the safety regulations. For instance, get one that has passed the 1633 flammability standards.
  • Quality is also one feature that you need to make sure you have checked, don’t compromise on that. Look for one that has thick coverings and edges that will not wear and tear in an easy manner.
  •  Remember that what you might think is good for you might not be good for the baby. Look for something that will fit the baby well, that is after doing much research and getting informed.
  • Get a mattress that will be easy to clean and is able to resist stains. This will ensure that the mattress stays for a longer period of time without getting too dirty. They also create a clean environment for the baby.
  • A good Matt should also be quite and toxic-free. That is why it is not good to go ones that are made of vinyl covers because they tend to be noisy hence cause disruptions to the baby as it sleeps.

You have also to get informed that most of the crib mattress belongs to 3 construction categories; that are the foam, innerspring or organic made materials. At the same time, mattresses are designed for different age groups. That is why you have to check the firmness of the mattress, its breathability and its temperature regulation.

We have the best selection for you below, have a look at them and get informed and educated as you make your choice.

1# Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed

Any bay that is at your home needs to have a safe and also a healthy sleep. This will not be achieved if you are not going to make a choice of this best crib mattress that is here for you. In the modern world and market, you will realize that this is the first kind of crib mattress that is both washable and breathable. That is a much better step than revolutionary has taken. The designed with the best 3-dimensional spacer material that will ensure that air passes through it.

Important features

  • It has been made with a 3-D spacer cover. You will find that there are 2 layers of breathable spacer fabric that have been quilted together so that there is an attractive cloud pattern. At the end, this form of pattern will create soft pillows that contain air.
  • Designed with a woven ire core that has up to 90% air and almost 10% food grade polymer. These are two works together to provide the baby with good comfort. The kid will not experience any kind of setbacks at all.
  • Can be washed. This is a unique crib mattress that can be cleaned at any one time that you feel; it right to get rid of bacteria and mold. At the end, you will get a better and fresher Matt than it was before.
  • It can be washed in a tub or even spot cleaned.
  • It is sturdy enough to last many years of usage with proper care.
  • Made from high quality materials thus durable.
  • It is breathable and comfortable to the baby.
  • It is lighter when compared to others.
  • Can be recycled.
  • No need of using a crib sheet on it.
  • If washed with hot water or heat used to clean it, it can easily shrink down.
‘It is one of the best ever kind of baby mattresses that I have found in my life. Parents with kids need to have this one in their homes’
Sheryl P
Sheryl P

2# My First Crib Mattress, Memory Foam Crib Mattress, Hypoallergenic

This is a firm memory best crib mattress that has been made to provide babies with safe, comfortable and restful nights that are going to be adored each coming day. Remember that this is a memory foam mattress and that is why it is known to be quite and will not make any noise even when the baby moves or turns. This is a better way to ensure that your baby sleeps when you compare that with traditional mattresses. The removable cover that it comes with is also soft to the baby’s touch. At the same time, it is waterproof and also washable.

Important features

  • The mattress is mite proof, phthalate, anti-microbial and also lead free. This is by far the best way of keeping the health of your kid at check at all times. The cover does not allow water or any liquids in and keeps all other bacteria to develop. It is also free of any other chemicals and metals.
  • The mattress is made of memory foam. This kind of technology ensures that you have a mattress for the kid like no other. The foam plays major roles in ensuring that your kid gets full comfort while sleeping. For instant, no noise is produced as the kid moves or turns around in bed.
  • It is a certified mattress. The body that is in charge of making sure that you get genuine and quality products is CertiPUR-US.It tests all products that are brought to it and gives customers that assurance that whatever they are going to buy is safe for use. The Mattress has passed this test and hence consumers are at liberty to enjoy its service.
  • It ensures that the kid gets the best kind of comfort while sleeping.
  • It has a cover that is soft and does not make any noise at all.
  • It has a price that is affordable.
  • Does not have any gaps and also does not smell at all.
  • Might be a bit too firm for use for a kid or toddler.
Customer testimony ‘My kid finally slept on this matt in the crib. She loves it a lot and feel soft and also safe’
Beutyl B.
Beutyl B.

3# My First Crib Mattress, Memory Foam Crib Mattress, Plush, Hypoallergenic

You might be having some mixed reactions when you hear about memory best crib mattresses because of its safety. But I have to assure you that this is no ordinary foam that has been used in making this product. This matt has been manufactured taking in mind all the basic principles of the adult memory foam mattress but made to be a bit firmer. This ensures that the safety of your kid is never going to be put at risk or compromised in one way or another. It has been designed with the dual purpose that means that you can use it with the kid without having to get worried at all.

Important features

  • It has been made with a cover that is waterproof. The cover has been made of velour that is soft and also offers the best comfort. At the same time, it is also waterproof thus protecting the mattress from getting to be messed up with spills.
  • It is hypoallergenic. The cover is also designed with an anti-microbial surface that will ensure that unwanted dust mites, mold and even other unwanted agents are kept at bay. This way, your kid will be safe and chance of the kid catching any illness is almost zero.
  • Has the best type of security. The mattress does not sink in as compared to others. this one has been made is such a manner that it will remain firm but hold your babies posture and keep it safe. At the same time, when you put the mattress in the crib, it will sit perfectly well without leaving any gaps on the edges.
  • It does not have heavy metals like lead or mercury in it.
  • There is also no usage of formaldehyde or phthalates in making it.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • It fits in the crib when you put it there.
  • Comes with smell that is pungent and also strong. Need some airing before you use it.
  • It does not have a softer side where you can put toddlers; the firmness at some pint might make them uncomfortable.
It is a mattress that my son has found enjoyable to sleep on in his crib. It now makes us sleep comfortably.
Maribel G
Maribel G

4# Sealy Signature Prestige Posture Crib Mattress

There is no better innerspring kind of mattress that you can find in the market other than what we have here for you. It is a kind of mattress that is firm, durable and also safe for use for kids in terms of health. One unique thing that the mattress has is that it is able to fit the majority if not all standard sized cribs and also toddler beds. The edges will not sag or even sink at all. That means that as a parent, you will not find it worrying about the process of transitioning your kid from a crib to a toddler bed. All this will take place without any emotional disturbances at all.

Important features

  • It is firm and has some extra support. It has up to 204 steel coils, the largest high coil count when you compare it with others. the coils ensure that the mattress has an added firmness and also durability. There is an anti-sag weight distribution system that has interlocking coils. They are woven closer that what other kind of mattresses have been designed with.
  • Designed with layers that are hypoallergenic. The 2 thick layers that the mattress has been built on are not only hypoallergenic, but also very comfortable. That will provide a great way of supporting the bay during sleeping time. the top layer has a waterproof covering that will not allow any liquid to seep in to form mold.
  • Allows air to circulate with ease. With the air flow pocket that it has been designed with, fresh air will pass through the layers of the mattress with ease. This will keep mold and even mildew from forming right inside the core of the mattress.
  • Tested to meet all the US safety standards and found not to have any chemical toxins
  • The mattress is GreenGuard certified and that ensures that the quality of indoor air just remains intact.
  • Fits well cribs and even other toddler beds that are out there
  • The airflow pocket might be too small thus hindering air flowing in an adequate manner.
I bought this mattress for my daughter’s second baby but I have to promise you that she liked it so much. It now assists the kid in sleeping… George Powell.
George Powell.
George Powell.

5# Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Blue Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress

This is the best crib mattress that has been in existence for almost 30 years. But the modern one that we have here is not the same as the old one. It is one of the best ones you can find in the market and checks off the entire essential things one might need in buying a mattress for a newborn. It is a foam mattress but a unique type that makes it be firm and also free of leads and also phthalates. It is a safe mattress that you can purchase for your kid and does not release any harmful emissions. That is why it has managed to stay longer than others in the industry.

Important features

  • It is water resistant. If you come across a mattress that is water resistant like this one, then that is a blessing to you. You will have an easier time doing your cleaning if accidentally dirty diaper or even water spills on it. At the same time, the mattress will have fewer stains and resist having smelly odors.
  • Has a vinyl covering that is both sturdy and also durable. This type of cover is unique because it has been built to withstand the tear and wear process. your mattress will always look new like you have just bought it the previous day. The hypoallergenic factor also makes it a healthy choice for your kid.
  • It has been tested against the two finger test and it has passed. This is a test that is done to check the edges of the mattress whether they stand firm as expected or not. If you test out a mattress and find it sinking in, then you should know that the kid will also sink in as he/she rolls over to the edge. But this mattress here passed that test and is a great fit in your US built crib.
  • It has been tested against fire safety standards and it meets all the expectations
  • The foam base that it has been designed with makes it lighter so, changing your sheets will never be a problem.
  • It has been given GreenGuard certification, meaning that there is low chemical emission while indoors
  • The use of polyurethane foam keeps it at risk of harboring mites and mold as time goes by.
  • It is not a dual sided mattress.
What you need to do is to invest in your little baby’s slumber which will turn out to be peaceful. I have to assure you that this mattress will solve most of your problems like it did to mine.
Audrey D
Audrey D

6# Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Pink Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress

Safety 1st has high ratings and one of the most affordable best crib mattresses. It has a high-density thermal bonded foam core and surrounded by a cover that is waterproof. The dimension is designed in a way that it fits most of the standard crib mattresses. The lightweight construction which is only 8 pounds makes the product a great choice for new moms. Your baby will get sufficient support at the same time; this item will hug your little one’s body and ensure that your toddler sleeps well.

Important features

  • Very lightweight. We all want something that is light but has the best quality. Safety 1st weighs only 8 pounds and this is ideal choice especially those who love traveling often. You can use this product even when you’ve children who weigh up to 30 pounds.
  • GreenGuard Gold certification. This means that this lightweight mattress has a good level of air quality and the great part is that it has low chemical emissions. You’ll instantly love this product since it is also hypoallergenic.
  • It is quite cheaper than others of the same magnitude. So if you’re under budget, you can consider this mattress and it will give your little one enough support and comfort.
  • It has a vinyl cover that is waterproof
  • It is extremely lightweight and weighs only 8 pounds making the core a great choice for transportation, as well as, for middle of the night sheet changes.
  • Suitable for toddler and baby and it will reduce their tossing and turning so your little one will sleep longer and harder.
  • It is built to last and the high-density makes the core to remain comfortable
  • Hassle-free to clean and this will save you time in case of accidents
  • Has a great edge support and it can fit in the crib like a glove.
  • The vinyl cover can make some noise.
  • There is a possibility that it can hold some heat.
My son sleeps better, longer and smarter and I like it when he falls asleep quicker and without sweating.

7# Moonlight Slumber Organic Dual Sided Baby Crib Mattress

Do you need the best crib mattress with eco-friendly for your loved baby? Well, Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer has non-toxic nylon fabric cover making it a great choice for babies. This is one of the best crib mattresses that are rated as safe when you compare it with the many others out there. One unique feature that it has is its dual-purpose ability. You might be wondering why the mattress has been given a 10-year warranty. The basic reason for that is that it is going to be around for a longer time because of its dual sidedness. There is a firm side that can be used for babies and the other soft side takes care of toddlers.

Important features

  • It does not contain any PVC, vinyl, and polyethylene. There is no need to get worried of your kid getting sick due to inhaling of toxic chemicals. All of that has been controlled and kept at bay during the manufacturing process.
  • It has a lighter weight. When you have come across mothers, you will realize that they are always in a hurry or rush. That is why a lightweight mattress is going to be handy at all times. With a lightweight mattress, you will be able to change sheets and bedding during the cleaning time
  • Made with dropped stitched side seams. You will not be able to see the seams going over or even a round the surface of the mattress, what you will see here is a product that has seams that go around the side. that way, you will have an easier time cleaning diapers and spills without having to worry about mold growing in due time.
  • It is a dual side mattress with a firm side that is able to hold the baby well.
  • There is almost no chance of formation of molds or dust mites.
  • Designed with square edges that will snugly fit into the baby’s crib.
  • It has been certified by GreenGuard for healthy use.
  • It might cave in after being used for several years vigorously.
I love this mattress because it is firm but yet very supportive. It fitted well in my crib to give the baby the most comfortable sleep.
Dawn Jacobsen
Dawn Jacobsen

8# Serta Perfect Start Fiber Core Crib and Toddler Mattress

There is one thing that you need to know about mattresses, a firm always ensures that what the baby needs is delivered. With the kind of mattress that is here, you have to be pretty sure that it has all the necessary good features that you and the kid need. You can start off from a convenient waterproof cover that will protect the mattress from spillages and water damage. When you look at its bindings, it has been given a cloth binding the will give you long-lasting durability. Purchase this product today and you will spend less time getting to worry about what your baby is sleeping on.

Important features

  • It is a firm mattress that is comfortable. Babies will spend most their time lying on their back. That is why you need a mattress that has been made with a surface that is comfortable. Comfort ability goes hand in hand with firmness because a surface that does not sink will be of great in ensuring that your baby does not get into dangerous sleeping positions.
  • It has a lighter weight. As a parent, you will have an easier time changing your bed sheets from time to time and even cleaning the mattress. The availability of the polyester core makes sure that the mattress is snug and comfy.
  • The cover is laminated making it easier to wipe. You cannot escape accidents when you have a kid around. But you can always be comfortable even when they occur. With this kind of cover, you can now have an easier time wiping it clean. There will be no liquids that will set themselves into the matt hence protecting molds and stains from developing.
  • Made with lock stitches at the edges making it difficult for messes to reach it.
  • Made with a hypoallergenic polyester core.
  • The corners do not sag or even dip.
  • The use of polyester means that the mattress might get warm making the kid uncomfortable.
A durable and also firm mattress. When I got it, I threw all what my kid was using out. It is a comfortable Matt that fits my standard crib in an easy manner.
Gina J
Gina J

9# Delta Children Twinkle Stars Fiber Core Crib and Toddler Mattress

It is time you need to have something that will offer your baby that support and comfort that he/she needs in a price that is great and also affordable. Now, you cannot get all that anywhere other than the offer you will find here. It has been made with a firm polyester fiber core and has a waterproof cover so that you have an easy time cleaning it up. When you look at it, you will realize that it has finished square corners that help it in creating a secure fit when you are putting it in a crib. It is a safe product to use and your kid will never experience any bad side effects that are not healthy.

Important features

  • Has a vinyl covering that is both sturdy and also durable. This type of cover is unique because it has been built to withstand the tear and wear process. your mattress will always look new like you have just bought it the previous day. The hypoallergenic factor also makes it a healthy choice for your kid.
  • The mattress is mite proof, phthalate, anti-microbial and also lead free. This is by far the best way of keeping the health of your kid at check at all times. The cover does not allow water or any liquids in and keeps all other bacteria to develop. It is also free of any other chemicals and metals.
  • It has a lighter weight. As a parent, you will have an easier time changing your bed sheets from time to time and even cleaning the mattress. The availability of the polyester core makes sure that the mattress is snug and comfy.
  • The mattress is GreenGuard certified and that ensures that the quality of indoor air just remains intact.
  • It does not contain any toxic fire retardants.
  • It is light and with the square corners, it makes changing of sheets an easy thing.
  • Has a laminated vinyl cover that protects liquids from spoiling the mattress.
  • Made with a protective layer that is waterproof.
  • Although that it fits some cribs, it might be able to hold up well.

I love the fact that the corner the mattress has is pointed and not round. It is also firm with an inclusion of waterproof covering.
April K
April K


I have tried to break it down for you each of the mattresses. I might not have told you all about them but I am pretty sure I have told you a lot. Now you can be able to make that best choice that you need. Each of the mattresses is a winner on its own and that is why anyone that you select will be a winner. Don’t wait for others to tell you how good they found them, be among the first to tell them how better you found it instead.

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