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Buying Guide of Crib Mattress

Buying Guide of Crib Mattress

What are the different types of crib mattresses?

For the first year, the baby sleeps up for about 16 hours a day, and a crib mattress is essential for the baby’s comfort. There are different types of crib mattresses available on the market. Crib mattresses are classified according to their main content. The material that forms the core decides the level of comfort and firmness of the crib mattress.

The majority are considering the following type of crib mattress. Foam crib mattress

As the name implies, this type of crib mattress is made with one or more foam blocks. The core contains foam as the only material. A foam mattress can be made with different varieties of materials such as polyurethane, bamboo fiber, latex, etc.

The foam crib mattress is the cheapest option compared to other types.

When choosing, make sure you know the type of foam inside the mattress, latex foam is more durable, comfortable, and expensive compared to foams made of polyurethane and bamboo fiber. In general, the foam mattress is preferred due to its lightweight and portability.
You can easily transport this mini-mattress without problems.
Selecting a denser, firmer foam mattress is always recommended as it provides more comfort and safety for your baby.


• Widely used.
• Different varieties of foam material are available.
• Cost-effective price.
• Portable and lightweight.
• Available in different sizes and thicknesses.


• Not durable compared to others.
• This is not an option if you are looking for a long term solution.

Inner coil or spring cradle mattress

Inner coil or spring cradle mattress

In this type of mattress, the core is made of a spiral steel spring and is much heavier than a foam mattress. Coil count and thickness of the steel used are the most important things to keep in mind when going to a spring crib mattress. The thickness of the steel is more important than the coil count since a greater number of coils do not mean a firmer mattress.

The thickness of the steel used is an important factor in deciding the comfort and safety of the mattress. Therefore, before buying a crib mattress with internal springs, consider this factor. This mattress provides a good level of comfort as it has a steel frame to which each spring coil is attached.
When a weight is placed on the mattress, the spring will compress to a particular degree.
It is always recommended that you avoid cheap quality spring mattresses as they will squeak easily with baby’s movement.


• Long-lasting, comfortable & safe.
• Good support and high durability.
• Available at a reasonable price.


• It is heavier.
• Expensive compared to foam mattresses.
• Low-quality spring coils will easily squeak.

Pocket spring crib mattress

Pocket spring crib mattress

This is very similar to the coil spring mattress discussed above. The main difference between them is that the steel coils are not connected to each other, but are fixed in their own material pocket.
This ensures independent movement of each spring and is compressed depending on the amount of weight put on it.
The main advantage of using the pocket spring crib mattress is that the spring that supports the baby’s back will compress more than the spring that supports the baby’s legs.

This makes sure better comfort for your baby.


• Increased overall comfort as the springs will compress individually into their own pockets.
• High durability.
• Very good support.


• A little bit expensive compared to other crib mattresses.

Memory foam crib mattress

This type of crib mattress has a unique feature of having temperature-sensitive foam that conforms to the shape of the baby’s body.
The elastic recovery action of this type of foam is slow and, therefore, provides more security and comfort to your baby.
The foam mattress is initially hard during the cold, but as the baby lies on the mattress, the foam slowly adjusts to the baby’s shape.
This mattress is commonly used during cold weather, as it provides more heat to the baby’s body due to its specific design that reduces air circulation.
The memory foam mattress cannot be flipped as it forms a spiral spring core and a layer of memory foam on top.
Memory foam and foam crib mattresses are almost the same and have little difference.


• Better heat due to reduced air circulation.
• It conforms to the shape of the baby’s body for better comfort.
• The spring slowly reverts to its original shape providing added security.


• It is not suitable for the summer season as it can get too hot.
• Do not flip the mattress.

Organic and natural crib mattress

Conventional crib mattresses are made of chemically obtained materials, such as petroleum products, and treated with chemicals such as boric acid, etc.
If you are a parent like me who feels that your baby should not be introduced to these types of chemically manufactured crib mattresses, then choose organic and natural crib mattresses.
These organic mattresses are made entirely from natural materials that are 100% chemical-free.

The organic materials used to make crib mattresses are;

  • Untreated wool: natural flame retardant and dust resistant.
  • Organic Cotton – Completely chemical-free cotton that is breathable.
  • Natural latex: used as an alternative to foams made with petroleum products.
  • Coconut fiber: 100% breathable.
  • Despite being advertised as 100% natural, some mattresses may contain materials made to a small extent chemically. So be sure to read lots of customer reviews and check product descriptions before making a purchase.


• Better durability and comfort.
• No harmful chemicals.
• Made of natural and organic materials.
• Highly breathable.


• Expensive.
• Investigate is required before making a purchase.

Selecting an organic crib mattress for your baby

Bring the best for your little one: an organic crib mattress

You are having your first baby and you only want the best for your new little one. Or maybe you already have children and have learned that there are things you really should avoid when having a baby, so you want to make changes for the new baby. Perhaps you are just trying to make more environmentally friendly decisions in your life to live a little greener. Either way, one of the biggest purchases for your new bundle of joy is focusing on where that baby sleeps and an organic crib mattress is important to consider.

Reasons to have an organic crib mattress

We have been learning in recent years that our exposure to toxins in the environment is causing many problems, illnesses, allergies and sensitivities. This, of course, is even more harmful to children, as their systems are still in the developmental stages of life. Babies spend a lot of time sleeping and it’s important to make sure their sleeping area is as healthy as possible. This includes what they sleep on and an organic crib mattress is the best of the best.

Traditional crib mattress

Traditional crib mattresses are usually covered in vinyl and filled with synthetic material that has been treated with a number of nasty chemicals to ensure it is fireproof. These chemicals give off harmful gases, and your child breathes those toxic gases while they sleep. Such emitted fumes include arsenic, antimony, and phosphorus, just to name a few. In addition to this, many people are allergic to vinyl, which makes the coating on these mattresses a potential hazard as well.

Organic crib mattress

An organic crib mattress is a fantastic option when it comes to your baby’s sleeping area. It is important to compare prices, as not all manufacturers offer the same product. The first consideration is to make sure the mattress materials are 100% organic cotton and / or wool. Of course, you still want your baby’s mattress to be fireproof, but the key is to make sure that only natural fire retardants are used in the mattress, such as baking soda and cellulose fiber. Comfort should also be considered, as the organic crib mattress should not be too firm or too soft to endanger your child, as studies have linked mattresses to sudden infant death syndrome.

It is also possible to buy an organic mattress that is made from recycled materials, such as recycled plastic bottles. This is also a viable and safe option for the safety of your baby while they sleep. Regardless of which option you choose, almost every crib mattress manufacturer has an organic crib mattress option, so it’s important to shop around. These mattresses will cost a little more money so you will have to take into account your budget when buying. And remember, not only are you giving your baby the best start when using an organic crib mattress, but you are also contributing to a healthy soil and a greener lifestyle.

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