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How to choose the most suitable stroller for baby

Although it may look simple (you may consider that it is adequate to go to the store and choose the first one you see), the reality is that select the best stroller brands for a baby can become a difficult and complicated task.

Choosing the most suitable baby stroller can make all the difference in terms of the ease and accessibility of daily life with your little one, from taking a wonderful walk in the park to being able to store it in the car with ease, and taking a walk downtown commercial. There are even unique options for practicing sports with your baby (for example, running).

In general, particularly if you are looking for an option that is not only quality but is good and comfortable, the purchase of a Baby stroller or stroller brand is usually large, as well as expensive. So getting it right can be enormously complicated. In addition, there are so many models on the market that it is not surprising to discover many anxious parents in stores when they consider the possibility of acquiring one (especially if it is the first time).

But, in general, there is “bad” news that we should take into account from the first moment: we will end up buying more than one regardless of whether we get it right the first time, particularly as needs change, and above all when the first cart will wear out.

Some important aspects that you should take into account

On most occasions we usually assess elements directly related to the exterior design of the baby stroller, far from focusing on two more important aspects, which will ultimately make its use comfortable: the recommended size, especially depending on the size of our house (if we are going to use it indoors), and the vehicle we have (for when we go outside).

Whether it is the first time you go to the store, or if you are already an experienced father or mother, you may have already realized how beautiful many of the baby carriages that currently exist on the market can be…

But, far from being pretty, what we have to be clear from the outset is that they have to be comfortable, especially when we are going to fold it up and put it in the trunk of our vehicle, or when we are going to enter the elevator or go up the stairs at home.

The weight of the baby stroller is also another element to take into account, not only when folding it, but when we use it on the street, especially since on many occasions we will tend to add some extra accessories that will end up adding more weight to the baby stroller, as for example, it could be the case of the baby’s bag or even your own bag.

Do you really need a threesome?

It may be possible that you only need the best baby stroller, and nothing else. Although if it is the first time you are going to buy one, it is likely that it will be even more interesting to assess whether it is necessary to buy a trio stroller. That is, not just the stroller itself, but the carrycot, seat, and car seat.

We must bear in mind that the car seat is essential if you are going to travel with the baby in the vehicle, which can also be used to be able to move it in the stroller seat during the first months. But it is necessary to know that it is not appropriate for the child to go in it for more than an hour and a half since it could increase the risk of postural asphyxia (which could cause death).

On the other hand, the carrycot can be very helpful when we tend to travel a lot with the baby since it can be used as a cradle and the baby will feel much more comfortable when he goes in it. Of course, as with the car seat, it will only be useful for a few months.

Its price? It usually ranges between 250 and 1,500 dollars, depending on the chosen model and also on the manufacturer’s brand. Fortunately, in most cases, it is well worth the investment, as they may tend to have very little wear and tear, particularly if they are cared for and treated well. In addition, it is possible to find interesting second-hand opportunities, so the money to invest will not be so high.

If you only need a simple stroller

If instead of using a trio, you only need a simple and simple baby stroller, you can opt for folding chairs, especially those known as umbrella type, which has been officially approved to be used from 0 months of age, as they can be fully reclined, and can be used even beyond 3 years of age.

In general, they tend to be more manageable and comfortable, not only because of their small size, but because they are much easier to transport and, especially, to fold. Let’s say that it is a useful option as a second stroller, regardless of how old the little one is, and when we are going to give it excessive use.

When buying a baby stroller?

There are many options for the best stroller brands and seats for our baby. There are differences in terms of the number of accessories that the cart incorporates, the wheels are completely different … What key points should I look at?

When we start looking for the car for our future baby, many parents find so many models that we are not very clear about what is key and what other characteristics of the baby stroller and seat are less important details.

Give special attention to all these points that you should not miss when choosing a chair for your little one.

A number of wheels: three or four wheels?

It may seem like a minor detail, but it is important to take it into account and know what it can affect whether we choose a three or four-wheel drive. In addition to the personal preferences and tastes of each one, it is very useful to know the following:

In the marketplace we find chairs with three wheels and others with four, but which one is superior? The permanence of both is accurately the same.
Three-wheelchairs often have better shock absorbers and brakes and are easier to push.
The combination of two, four-wheel chairs usually has less weight and dimensions than three-wheel chairs.


It is not lost on us that it is important that the brakes of the best stroller for the baby that we choose must provide us with safety and confidence. We must bear in mind that there will be many situations in which we need to apply the brakes, so they are a fundamental element.

It is important to check that the brakes of at least two wheels can be applied at the same time (usually those of the back wheels).
Some more sporty and off-road models have front brakes for added safety.


It is the structure of the stroller for the baby, so it is important that it be resistant. Currently, most of the baby stroller brands on the market have a high-quality chassis.

The chassis is a frame with wheels that has a handle with which the baby stroller is pushed.
It is designed to transport carrycots and seats.
Currently, all have ergonomic handlebars that adapt very well to the hands and that facilitate their driving.


The seat is of vital importance since the comfort of the child depends largely on it. It is highly recommended that the stroller for the baby we choose offers different recline positions so that it can adapt to each situation and moment.

The seat is the structure in which the child travels. It is in a reclined position so that you do not have to travel lying down.
Baby Strollers usually have several recline positions so that the child travels more comfortably.
Chairs in which the child is fully seated cannot be used until 8 or 9 months.


The carrycot is very important in a baby stroller. It should be light but have a firm and sturdy base. It is also essential that you have belt fixing devices, in the case, for example, of using the carrycot while traveling by car.

• It is the structure where the baby travels, usually lying down.
• It must be changed when the child can remain seated.
• The height from the mattress to the end of the carrycot must be a minimum of 25 centimeters.
• It is very important to check that it detaches easily from the chassis.