Wooden Playpen

A complete buying guide of the wooden playpen

A complete buying guide of the wooden playpen

Finding the best wooden playpen for a baby sometimes becomes challenging when it comes to the baby’s safety. Once your baby starts moving independently, it is quite tough to keep them safely in one place. They need a safe, confined area where they can move and play without any danger. It is also necessary for parents so that they able to get anything done.
The best baby playpen will help you keep your baby in one place and provide a safe space to play and move. It also reassures you that your baby is playing safely in front of you, and you can do your other task.

What is a wooden playpen?

There are various playpen types for babies, such as wooden playpen, metal playpen, plastic playpen, and versatile playpen. The wooden playpen is the most popular among them. These are large, comes with a flat wooden base and side which are made of sturdy dowels. Usually, their size is generous and provides plenty of space for the baby. Even you can place a play mat inside them.
Wooden playpens come in several sizes and shapes such as round, square, rectangular, and more. A playpen can be used as a fence or a safety barrier to protect your baby from a fireplace or any other hazardous things,

How to select the best wooden playpen

Find an ideal wooden playpen for baby is not so tough. Wherever you live, it does not matter; the standard wooden playpen only considers a few common factors like baby’s safety, cost, other features to look for, etc. Let us see how to select the best wooden playpen for the baby.

1# Baby's safety

No matter what the baby’s playpen is made of, the first consideration is to ensure the baby’s safety. The playpen should be sturdy and no sharp edge, which can hart your baby. There are some vital consideration regarding the baby’s security that you should look for-
• Building quality should be very strong. It should be stable and resistant to tipping and lifting.
• The playpen wall should be at least 50cm high so that your baby cannot climbing out or fall.
• The playpen should not have any sharp corners, points, and edges. Even it should not contain any tiny objects or parts that the baby can be inhaled or swallowed.
• The opening and gaps of the playpen can trap your baby’s head, limbs, and finger. If the gaps are larger, they can trap the baby’s head, and if it is smaller, then it can trap the baby’s finger. So the ideal measurement of large gaps should be between 50mm to 95mm, and the small gaps should be between 12mm to 30mm.
• The playpen should have padded rubber feet to prevent scratched floor. It is also necessary so that baby cannot shift the playpen. A gate also essential for comfortable entrance.
• Any rotating and moving objects or components can injure your baby. So make sure there is no such thing in your chosen playpen.
• The playpen should not contain any foothold or a horizontal line so that baby can climb out.
• The Wall section of the playpens should be locked together securely.

2# Easy to assemble

The playpen should have an easy setup mechanism. Many wooden playpens offer a few second folding and opening mechanism. It will help you to set up quickly at any place. The different shape of playpen comes in many parts. You have to assemble them to give the right form. So an easy setup mechanism is an essential consideration for choosing the best wooden playpen for a baby.

3# Outdoor playpen

If you and your kids love to travel to different places, you should find such a playpen that can fold in a compact size and carry out in a travel bag. Many playpens offer weather-resistant canvas floors, which is also great for using outdoor.

4# Portability

Portability is another essential thing to consider when you are looking for the best playpen. Many playpens are specially designed for use outdoor. If you need an outdoor playpen, then ask the seller before purchasing. Because many playpens are not portable and they are not ideal for outdoor use.

Other features

Some playpens come with various features like they offer playmat, or different small toys, bolls with it. If you need more space for your toddler, you can also buy an extra wall section separately and enhance the boundary.

1# Easy opening

An easy opening is very useful for parents. You do not need to lift your baby over the sides. The gate should have a strong lock to open for baby, but it is convenient and safe for you.

2# Cost

Cost is another subject to consider when you want to buy a playpen for a baby. We have already said that there is plenty of variety of playpen, so the cost also varies. The approximate value of the best baby playpen should be from $60 to $250 even more. It actually depends on the size, materials, and features of the product.

Wrapping up

Buying the best wooden playpen for babies sometimes become very difficult as it is directly related to the baby’s safety. So first of all, you have to pay close attention to the issues related to security. If the product is able to meet your security requirements, check out the other features. If you are looking for a playpen for outdoor use, then check if it is portable or not. Do not forget to check the setup mechanism of the playpen. Now, if it is in your budget, then make your purchase.

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