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Using the Baby Stroller: What is Necessary?

The best baby stroller is a great invention in the world of childcare. Undoubtedly, there is a before and after its look. It assists the transport of the baby from one place to another. We have it totally included in our lives, but sometimes it falls into haphazard use. The stroller should only be used as necessary.

The first strollers for babies, cribs with wheels and handlebars to transport them, appeared towards the end of the 19th century among the more affluent families. Towards the middle of the 20th century, they began to achieve popularity and were installed throughout society, achieving a great advance until today when each baby has one or more strollers.

Let’s reflect on some questions. Is it really required to have two, or sometimes three, strollers? Does the baby need to spend so much time sitting in the stroller? Is it impotent to use the stroller to walk a few meters? Comfortable it is, but it is not necessary. The baby enjoys a moment in their arms or “loose” in the park much more than sitting in the stroller.

We are not going to deny that our life would not be the same without the baby carriage, much less our backs. This is a call for reflection on what parents have gotten used to using the stroller. Sometimes, from my point of view, more than use, and abuse.

Carrying the baby, a good option

Every baby loves being held. For newborns, being in contact with the mother is also a vital necessity. The cart prevents satisfying this need by restricting proximity to the mother’s body.

Today we find a lot of models of baby carriers, mei-tais, shoulder bags, scarves, backpacks, pouches … Each mother or father can choose the one that best suits their tastes and needs.

Thus, when we have another option to transport the baby, perhaps we will leave the stroller parked for a while and enjoy a walk with our baby in tow, a very rewarding experience for both of us.

It is a more affectionate way of transporting it and the baby will feel more comfortable and calm. It is even a good method to relieve colic in the infant one more reason to do without the stroller on certain occasions.

For a few meters

We have reached such a point that even to walk a few meters we lower the cart from the car, unfold it, and after five minutes we put it back.

For example, a couple of days ago, a few meters from the door of my school of a daughter. A mother gets out of the car and unfolds the baby carriage to look for the child, who by the way two years old and can is walking perfectly.

Isn’t it more practical to avoid the rattle of lowering, opening, closing, and putting the baby carriage back in the car for just a few meters? Especially when the child is already walking alone, and in the event that he is not walking, the arms are an excellent option in these cases. The baby is so happy.

When baby walks

As I mentioned above, when the baby is walking, he does not have to go all the time sitting in the stroller. You can walk hand-in-hand or even push the stroller for a while, which they love, but you don’t have to spend an entire afternoon out on your stroller just because parents find it more comfortable.

The baby is not disabled and like every baby, he likes to explore, touch, and discover. Of course, your safety must always be taken into account, the street is not the same as a shopping center or a park.

Even if he is not walking alone yet, it is also logical for the child to get tired or bored of being in the same position for many hours. You can alternate the use of the stroller with holding it in your arms (you will love to see everything from another perspective), or sitting with the baby in the skirts to play with it for a while.

Put the world at your fingertips

In most of the park, you can see babies sitting and tied in their strollers. Actually, we are depriving them of contact with other children and with the environment.

The child requirements to interact, touch, know and experience new things. For that, we have to put the whole world within reach. By restricting his movements, you are restricting the possibility of discovering the world in freedom.

This is not a cart attack far from it. Parents are grateful that this invention has come into our lives, but I think we should be more aware, for the benefit of our children, to use it only as necessary.

Is it important for your baby to use three pieces: carrycot, baby carrier, and stroller?

This article talks, among other aspects, about the importance of using the carrycot of a baby stroller for the newborn baby. During its first weeks of life, when we should make the change, and so on with the rest of the pieces that make up the Set-trio of strollers baby .coach

So that you dads can understand this infinity of definitions (set-trio-stroller-stroller), and in which almost everything means the same … let’s start with a small explanation:

When we buy a stroller or stroller in which several pieces are incorporated, such as the carrycot, the baby carrier, and the stroller up to a certain age … technically we call it a Set or a Trio, although we identify it better by calling it ” stroller for baby ” or ” stroller for baby”. In addition to these three pieces, in some models, it is usually accompanied by another series of accessories, also very practical for use, such as a bubble protector for the rain and an awning to protect from the sun.

In this post, we will try to advise you the best possible. All our advice has been previously contrasted with the sincere professional opinion of the pediatric sector, without forgetting the manufacturers themselves.

What is the utility of the Carrycot?

How many future parents have asked them this same question, before deciding what is best for their baby?

If you have doubts about it, the most prudent thing is to consult a pediatrician before making this type of purchase; it is very productive, useful, and simple advice, as well as reassuring. It will offer you security, confidence, and you will understand much better what the seller is explaining to you and trying to sell. Sometimes what we like the most is not the most suitable for our baby. We have to trust the seller but remembering at all times, that we have done our homework first.

From Cribnplayard, after all the information collected and verified, we also want to offer you our best advice:

Yes, to use the carrycot in the stroller for baby in the first weeks of life. The baby can remain in the carrycot for up to 3 months, being beneficial for the reasons explained below:
During this period of time, it is very healthy for the baby to remain in a completely horizontal position.

The baby adopts a more stretched posture, which guarantees and allows him to breathe much better, avoiding unnecessary risks that we have heard so much about.
Pediatricians assure that even the quality of the baby’s sleep is much better, and his backrests in a completely correct and safe posture.
Ignore urban legends.
Years ago, it was said that the carrycot was not very safe as a means of transport in a vehicle. Today, we can confirm that this comment has become obsolete and has become a simple legend. Currently, many of the most important manufacturers in this sector, have designs of carrycot for (strollers and/or baby strollers) of the latest generation, and therefore, of the latest technology, which assures us with complete confidence that the baby is fully protected and safe during transport in a vehicle.

In order for the carrycot to meet all the necessary safety requirements, you have to make sure that it is approved.

Remember, this last piece of information is very important. The approved carrycot must have a series of protections that the rest of the carrycot does not have. Generally, they are usually a little narrower than the normal ones; they incorporate an abdominal belt (which will only be used when it is going to be transported in a vehicle. for Example a car). They also usually wear a protective pad for the head and it is more subject during the journey, in addition to the system of positioning by belts in the vehicle (car), etc.

When should we make the change from the carrycot to the Baby Carrier?

We will end this first phase, “the stage of the carrycot “:

When the baby’s pediatrician recommends it, it will depend on the baby’s size, weight, and time. Extraordinarily, if the baby is very large, he may not reach three months, and he will change the baby carrier a little earlier.
The stage of the baby carrier is a new stage just as important if the change has been made at the right time!

The time has finally come; we use the Baby Carrier in the stroller!

It is normal that physically, many parents are attracted at first glance, the baby carrier design. Its design is more aerodynamic and depending on the season of the year, there are many parents who think that it is more suitable than the carrycot. Confirm that each element has its moment, and both pieces are indispensable regardless of the season of the year in which we are. The baby carrier function begins just as the second stage after the carrycot. To make good use of this piece (baby carrier), it is very important that the baby has reached the recommended age so that it can be as comfortable and safe as possible.

This is our another product review you can check it here. Best Baby stroller brands.

What is the function of the baby carrier?

In this phase, unlike the carrycot, the baby is already slightly incorporated. It could be said that we are already preparing the baby in a prudent, progressive, and comfortable way for the next stage, which is when the baby is already fully seated.

It has a curved design, handy and light to transport, its weight is 2.9kg. The model represents and similar in other manufacturers’ brands.

It includes a very easy and fast positioning system, both in the stroller seat and in the vehicle (car). The baby carrier is the piece that parents like the most. Because, they are more aware that this security system of works without forgetting other aspects that we will also talk about.

From a psychological point of view, the most demanding parents are closely linked to today’s lifestyle. A life in which the time factor is very important, we hurry to all places, and all the elements that we use around us out of necessity, have to be safe, easy to understand, simple to use, have to be attractive and of course fast. Summing up, we can say that SAFETY, DESIGN, AND PRACTICAL, play a very important role in their lives. This piece of the stroller brings together all these characteristics and even many more: QUALITY, COMFORT, and accessibility to our ECONOMY. This last piece of information is also very important.

What do we have to take into account with the baby carrier?

It is important to note that the baby is still adapting to this new position and especially at the beginning. Therefore, we recommend that you do not spend more than an hour and a half or two hours in a row in the stroller with the baby carrier until you gain a little more strength in your head so that you do not spend so much time with your chin bent forward. The ideal is to incorporate it little by little, respecting at the beginning this period for prevention.

You will see very quickly that every day the baby will gain more strength, will gradually dominate the weight of his head, until the moment arrives when he will want to sit up more. Babies are naturally very curious and will repeat this gesture more and more, even continuously. The attempt to be more incorporated is a very good sign because it is conveying to us that you are ready for the next step.

In average terms, at the age of six months, the baby is already holding his little head correctly and begins to have enough control over his movements. However, each baby follows its own rate of development and growth. We are based on a purely statistical result and that perfectly may vary a little.

At this point, we can consider the next change.

How time goes by, it’s time for the stroller!

In the previous section, we have commented that when the baby begins to make attempts to be more incorporated it is a very good sign because it is indicating that we can now take that long-awaited step and make this last change to the stroller. We advise you, because it doesn’t hurt, that you previously consult your pediatrician. Remember that each baby has a different rhythm, and it is very important that all your decisions contrast it with the opinion of the pediatrician.

A new, livelier, and fun stage begins…

There are countless different designs and styles of strollers.

In the stroller for baby corresponding to the set (trio-stroller-cart), they can be for several months, and again, depending on the evolution of the baby and with the respective advice of the pediatrician, you can give a long duration to this type of chair that has been part of the (stroller – stroller).

We present in the following image a very real example of everything discussed above. It combines quality, design, comfort, with all the benefits in service, utility, functionality, security….

Because we are increasingly demand because the feeling that they are safe and comfortable gives us happiness and tranquility.

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